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Firetone 18HR

This 18W hand wired amp is hi gain guitar amp. It combines traditional hand wired tech with modern tone. High-quality tube driven spring reverb performance and reliability. Through power management, you can obtain 18w to 2.25w of power. So you can play it at gigs and practice it at home.


GT-5 is a single end Class A guitar tube amplifier

This 5W Combo with one 6.5 ” speaker guitar amplifier makes a small-room sessions lots of fun! A high gain pre amp circuit has been added to boost overdrive tone beyond that of the original. There is a choice of high or low gain inputs, with a switchable Pentode/Triode, It is the only amp in its class that delivers true tonal range from instantaneous punch to deliciously creamy / crunchy overdrive with precise control of the output volume.


OD Guitar Pedal

KLD Guitar’s OD effects pedal is a reissue based on the TS808, the incomparable overdrive pedal often described as “the Holy Grail of Tube Screamers.” Modeling and boutique pedal makers have copied the smooth and full tone of this pedal countless times. The essential difference with KLD Guitars’ version is our price tag doesn’t break the bank. The OD features the same JRC4558D IC chip and analog circuitry as the original, including volume, drive, and tone controls

All Tube Guitar Amps.

High-quality tube driven amps, spring reverb, power management, hand wired with hi gain performance and reliability.

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